Just for today, do not anger,
do not worry,
be grateful,
devote yourself to your work,
and be compassionate to yourself and others.

Tera-Mai (TM) Reiki & Seichem, Shamanic Healing


What is Reiki?

A Japanese word pronounced ‘Ray-kee’.  The symbol ‘Rei’ means Universal Life Force or Universal Life Giving, and ‘Ki’ is defined as energy.  In China this would be known as ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ and in India ‘Prana’.  This is the energy flowing all around us, within us and through us – the earth element.  Reiki is an energy flow and is not exclusive to the system of healing based on Dr Mikao Usui’s method.

What is Seichem?
Pronounced ‘Say-Keem’; having its roots both in Egypt and Tibet.  It too is a Universal Life-Force energy with the elemental rays of Earth (Reiki), Water, Fire, Air & Spirit.  These elemental healing rays all interface with one another and can work individually or in combination.  


Energy Medicine (Shamanic) Healing:

The energies of reiki & seichem bring together the element energies (earth, fire, water, air and spirit), in doing so this helps me to connect shamanically with your spirit guides, power animals, tree & plant spirits, ancestors, etc.,  allowing a deeper connection with your spirit for healing.  During these healings I may be guided to journey to help bring a greater peace or clarification to your healing, or may be guided to remove energy that no longer serves your higher purpose. I use a variety of tools during these sessions - feathers, stones, drum, rattles and crystals.  All instrumental in aiding the healing that needs to be undertaken. I may also be guided to bring in Plant Spirit medicine, Bird Spirit medicine or Feather medicine to help with your healing.

Reiki & Seichem & Shamanic Healing can be used:
• To bring deep relaxation
• To loosen and release blockages on all levels – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
• Enhance the body’s self-healing process – enhancing all other forms of treatment whether conventional or alternative
• To help us identify deep seated emotional patterns and release them
• To send distance healing across time and space
• To send healing to situations
• To a person near death, the Energy can bring comfort, peace and dignity, and help with pain
• To help other animals and plants to heal themselves
• To support us on our path of self development
• To raise our vibrational frequency, to cleanse, clear and balance our energetic systems, e.g. our energy fields and chakras
• To aid us to achieve our highest purpose in this life, for the highest good of Us and the Universe

Energy healing is non-religious and can be accepted by anyone of any faith or creed.  The energies I call upon are intelligent energies, channelled to the healee via the healer, at the request of the healees subconscious.


Note: Energy Healing treatments do not replace conventional treatment, and do not provide any diagnosis.  If you are unwell or unsure of your health please see your doctor or consultant for a diagnosis.


What happens during a treatment?

You will be asked to lie down on a massage table, fully clothed except for your shoes.  It is best to choose loose fitting garments to wear on the day of your appointment.  I normally ask clients to remove any jewellery prior to the session. During the healing session I will place my hands a few inches above your body, working over designated areas allowing the energies flow where they are needed.  The energies will automatically flow to where there are imbalances in your body, regardless of where my hands are placed.  I may, on occasion be guided to place my hands on your crown (top of head), feet or shoulders.

In addition to feelings of relaxation and being uplifted, occasionally some people may experience the following after a session:
• Short-term increase in symptoms
• Needing to sleep or rest
• Headache
• Feeling emotional
• Increased urination
• Temporary flu-like symptoms


These are all positive signs of a body bringing itself back into balance.  It is completely normal not to experience any of the above.  


Learning Reiki & Seichem?

If you want to learn more about these wonderful energies and how to use them on yourself and others then please do get in touch, and check my 'Events Page' for a list of courses being run.  I teach Tera-Mai (TM) Reiki & Seichem Level 1, Level 2 (Practitioner), Master and Master/Teacher.  I act as mentor for however long you need me after your course.


I also run refresher workshop days for people wanting to brush up on their skills or who simply need a confidence boost to help them progress further.  Refresher days are run throughout the year.  Contact me for details.


Healing Share - monthly healing shares are run to allow all energy healing people a chance to get together and share their knowledge and experience and a chance to receive healing themselves.  Healing shares are also open to people thinking about starting their energy healing journey and want to know more before they commit.  If interested please give me a call. 


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