Plant Spirit Medicine -

Reconnecting with Mother Earth

Our connection with Mother Earth has become disconnected through the ages.  We have forgotten where we have come from, how to take only what we need and no more, how to really connect and understand the needs of the planet not just for ourselves, and forgotten how to care and nurture the very thing that helps support us and care for us.......Mother Earth.

Human beings have forgotten how to connect and listen to the wisdom of the plants, the animals, the stones.  Forgotten that they hold so much wisdom and medicine for us that they are at a point now of screaming out to teach us to connect once again, to stop our uncontrollable urge to destroy in the name of progress.

My connection with Plant Spirit Medicine began as a child, being engrossed at how delicate and beautiful plants really were.  Seeing their beauty through a child's eye filled me with a passion for Mother Earth and her plant kingdom.  Roll forward the years, and I have always had a deep respect and love of the plant kingdom, watching as the seasons change, the different plants that herald a new energy coming through, or that wonderful sight or scent that will pull me in and make me stand and stare, and wonder.

Completing my year long Diploma with the Chalice Well Trust in Flower & Vibrational Essences really brought Plant Spirit Medicine to the fore for me.  All my wonderment I had held with Mother Nature seemed to pour over me during this course, heightening my connection with the plant spirits.

Today, emphasis is very much placed on the 'Teacher Plants' - Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, etc, and yes I have connected with these amazing teacher plants, but isn't every plant a Teacher.......doesn't every plant hold medicine/wisdom for you that is clearly needed; all we have to do is really listen.  My initiation with Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), a plant of this land, really taught me to connect with the plants of this land, not of South America.  She has really instilled in me the need to help re-connect people with the plant kingdom, to help nurture what is around us which in turn helps to nurture us too.  Through listening and connecting with the plant spirits of many plants one can see how our herbal and folklore uses for plants has come about.

This year, 2021, I will be bringing together one-off teachings, through Zoom workshops, in how we can use Plant Spirit Medicine in our daily lives.  A chance to help you re-connect on a personal level with the Plant Spirits around you.  Please note I will only be working with those plants native to the UK.


I intend to run the 'Mugwort Connection Workshop' again this year, allowing people the chance to really get a deep and wonderful connection with this amazing plant ally.  Depends on current lockdown restrictions.