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Meditations for Living

To be in a 'meditative state' is to allow all thoughts to quieten; to allow the body and mind to be empty of the need to do and just 'be'.

Going back 30 years I was introduced to Bon Buddhism and their meditations, and at that time I needed to find a way to quieten the anxiety and panic I had around myself.....I had just come out of a serious car accident and everything that was 'my life before' was no where to be seen.  Life after the accident involved pain, fear, not knowing who I was and what I now was supposed to do.  I turned to meditation as a way of calming the inner thoughts, of not grieving the loss of my life before but instead being present in the now - day to day living, moment to moment.  And if you are like me, at the start I could not meditate......but actually I was.  My image of someone meditating was to sit cross-legged, completely at took me a while to realise I just had to be aware of my thoughts, that was the first step.  I also found, walking slowly in nature I would stop and smell flowers, look at the trees, feel the sun on my face, that too was meditation.  That cross-legged idea soon went out of the window....I could never sit cross-legged anyway!

So roll forward the years and I now teach meditation techniques - but not as a separate therapy.  I will bring in a meditation for groups to help them feel grounded before we embark on a workshop, or I might bring in several meditations throughout the day when teaching Energy Medicine.  Most of the techniques are to ground people, to allow them to get out of their heads, to drop down into their heart space and enjoy 'being' in this world.

Over the last 30 years I have had numerous amazing teachers from all over the world, in lots of energy disciplines, allowing me to pool together a vast knowledge of meditation practices.

On a personal level I still use nature as my form of meditation therapy....I sit and listen to the birds, listen to the wind in the trees and allow my head to quieten and be still, to drop into my heart space and just 'be'.

This Spring I was approached by a good friend to record one of my meditations - one that she personally loves!  Luckily for me her husband Austin Wyse, was a former sound engineer who specialises in helping businesses and individuals create high quality audio recordings (he specialises in meditation/hypnosis and relaxation CDs & mp3s)....and made me feel so at ease when recording my first CD!  You can find out more about what Austin does here -

So as a result I have my first meditation recording available for you all.  Bit scary, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing this (thanks to Austin for his calm, clear guidance throughout).

Here's hoping to many more Meditations with the 'Wyse' team....x

I have the first 'Grounding Meditation - Connecting with Mother Earth' now available in the SHOP page.  I can transfer the file through WeTransfer, so once payment has been made I will transfer across the meditation.

In difficult times we need to be in the present moment, to take stock of who we are now, not in the past, or in the future, but who we are now this moment....and ground; feeling that connection to everything around us.

Be in your hearts and learn to just 'be'.

Blessings, Kx