Flower Essences


Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist, derived 38 remedies (essences) in the 1920's and 1930's to help with human emotions. He believed that healing on an emotional level has knock-on effects on other levels: a healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow your body to find its own natural state of health.


In the summer of 2016 I completed my year long training with the Chalice Well Trust, and I am now an Advanced Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner, registered with the BFVEA as an Advanced Practitioner.  During my training I have been actively using Flower & Vibrational essences to help my clients through their healing process - with amazing and profound results!  Young and old can all benefit from this amazing form of energy medicine.....allowing the subtle energy, held within water and brandy, of the flowers, the animals and the sacred space to help the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body start the healing process.  Some of my clients have found the essences on their own have really helped through major life stages and turmoils -  


'like having a friend by your side to support you'

statement from one client

There are a number of ways I might use essences - throughout the healing sessions, working with the essences on your physical body or in your aura; given to you as a prescription to take home, as a combination essence, to help continue the healing process; or alternatively people can come and see me just for an essence appointment (45mins).

Are Essences safe?

Essences are safe for young and old, and generally have no physical side effects.  However, like all energy medicine treatments, the client may experience a 'healing crisis' where old symptoms are brought up for healing, or slight headache and flu like symptoms - all indicate the body trying to rebalance itself as the healing process takes place.  They do not conflict with other medication.  If you have an allergy to alcohol, essences can be provided in glycerin or cider vinegar.

How do Essences work?

If we imagine, in terms of Quantum Physics, that we are made up of millions of vibrating particles.  When we show illness or dis-ease, those particles around and in the site of the illness or dis-ease start to vibrate at a different frequency than the cells around them.  Essences help to restore the energetic blueprint, help bring about balance and order within those vibrating particles.  This can be felt within the physical body, or as a subtle change throughout the mental, emotional and spiritual body.  One of the main results one can expect from using essences is a lifiting of the emotional state as this balance is started within the body.  Physical illnesses and dis-ease may take longer, and for some people they may require several appointments to help the body come back into balance.

Essence ranges I work with:

I work with a wide range of essences, namely - BACH, Wild Medicine Flower Essences, Wildheart Animals, Indigo and Chalice Well.  

Consultations & Cost - 

  • One-to-one consultation (45mins) - £40 includes a 30ml essence

  • Consultation via e-mail or telephone - £35 includes postage of a 30ml essence.

  • 30ml bottle in conjunction with other treatments £10

  • Senior citizens & children up to 18yrs consultation - £35

If you require any further information about the use of essences, or the range of essences I work with please contact me.


Note: Energy Healing treatments do not replace conventional treatment, and do not provide any diagnosis.  If you are unwell or unsure of your health please see your doctor or consultant for a diagnosis.