Ancient Wisdom Essences

I never started out to make fact it has been the plants and Spirit of Place that have called me in, taught me, ignited that passion and purpose to help co-create the essences that bring in the Ancient Wisdom of the plants, the land, our Ancestors.

Deepening my Shamanic knowledge of Plant Spirit Medicine and Spirit of Place over the years, has shown me just how powerful their wisdom is and how 'we' used to know and understand them, but 'we' no longer have our eyes open to this world.  

I hope the essences that have called to be created help reignite that connection, that ancient wisdom back into your life.  Allow the essences to help reawaken you, to help you see more clearly the ancient ways and medicine of the world around you.

All the essences co-created so far were made using the vibrational essence of the plant, moon, place, etc., to form the essences.

Essences are available in 'Stock' and 'Dosage' strength.  'Stock' bottles are ideal for Practitioners.  All bottles contain alcohol - dosage bottles can be purchased made with glycerin or apple cider vinegar; please mention when ordering. 

All essences are now available to order through the SHOP page.  Any problems or questions please do get in touch.

Detailed below are just a few of the essences stories.  When ordering an essence, please let me know if you wish to have the full story of the co-creation of the essence - I am very happy to send you this xx


Grandmother Maple


Love, Protection, Safe Haven, Detoxification, Algonquin connection

A connection to the Grandmother Maple; this vibrational essence was created in September 2018, in a beautiful woodland, with a majestic 'Grandmother Maple'.  I had already met her several months before and I called her 'Grandmother Maple' as soon as I saw her.  She had a single bough stretched out to meet me, and bring me into her presence.  Her embrace offered safe shelter, warmth, love, a feeling of being protected, cared for.  She showed me my Grandmother in her living room, the fire on, feeling safe and warm....then my Grandmother grew, like a tree filling the house and beyond - showing me the many insects and animals that take safe shelter within her - I was surrounded by so many wonderfully bright insects, and the birds within her branches were singing their hearts out.  I was also shown the Algonquin elders who came to honour the tree and all she gave to them; wisdom and medicine...the connection to them was very strong.  Her bark was peeling, removing toxins within her, and underneath the most beautiful patterns on the bark.

Available as 30ml Dosage, Stock & 100ml Aura/Room spray. Order by visiting the SHOP page......


Practitioners Essence

Cleansing & Protection

Created in September 2015 at the Lion's Head at Chalice Well - a beautiful, willowy plant extended onto the grass area and welcomed me under its branches.  The plant was Hollyleaf Sweetspire (Itea ilicifolia).  The essence bowl was placed in a badger scratching, a depression situated directly beneath the plant.  I was taken deep down and held within the Earth, and very aware of water rushing over me; deeply cleansing.  Came out of the Earth and shown St. Michael's Sword placed in front of the Lion's mouth, reaching out to the plant and me.  Covering me with a blue white light all over my skin, then emanating throughout my aura.  Felt very protected.  Shown the delicateness of the golden flowers on the Hollyleaf; protection would fill from the Heart.  The plant & vibrational essence contained a couple of leaves of the plant, flower heads that had dropped in and a stalk of flowers.

Available as 30ml Dosage, Stock & 100ml Aura/Room spray.  Order by visiting the SHOP page......


Sacred Space Spray

Peaceful Lake View

Cleansing, Protecting, Calm & Stillness

A combination spray containing the Practitioners Essence above for Cleansing & Protecting, with the addition of the Mugwort Harvest Moon Essence to bring in Mugworts protection, and the calm and stillness that she offers with this Harvest Moon.  A great spray for therapists to use in their therapy space before clients, meditation rooms and sacred spaces.

Available as 100ml Aura/Room spray.

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Blue Hummingbird

Mugwort Spirit Medicine


Mugwort, Artemesia vulgaris, has become a much loved plant spirit ally for me.  Her wonderful energy for bringing realignment of the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies, and not forgetting her psychic protection...she is one plant that everyone should get to know.

My journey with this plant began in 2016 at the Full Strawberry Moon on the Summer Solstice - my first Mugwort/Full Moon essence was co-created.  A further 4 Full Moon Mugwort essences have since been created and they bring together the energy of the Full Moon and magical Mugwort and her energy at that time of the year.


The five Mugwort/Full Moon essences are detailed below:


Crow Moon Mugwort - Empowering, nurturing & protecting the Feminine; Silver cloak of Mugwort & Hecate protection.

'Honouring & empowering the Feminine'


Flower Moon MugwortStrength, Support, Balance, Serenity, As Above So Below, Nurturing the Inner Child.

'Allowing time & space within oneself to Flower'


Strawberry Moon Mugwort - Protection, Alignment, Harmony, Unity, Bringing together lost parts. 'Joyous, deeply honouring & forever grateful'


Harvest Moon Mugwort - Serenity, Purity, Deep calm & respect. 'Honouring the Sacred'

Buck Moon Mugwort - Bringing in Strength & Power to the masculine within us; gentleness too.  healing to our shadow.  'Honouring the Masculine'


The Mugwort essences can be bought individually as dosage or stock bottles, or buy all five and experience the magic and changes that Mugwort brings.

Available as 30ml Dosage & Stock. Order by visiting the SHOP page......



Sacred Andean Chumpi Stones & Celtic Wheel of Year


The Sacred Andean Chumpi Stones came into my life soon after I completed the Munay-Ki rites.  These stones are carved by shamans of the Q'ero tradition.  The stones contain the energy of the Apus, the mountains where they came from and carved with the Archetype for that stone.  Each stone represents a chakra and has embodied onto it the Archetype for that chakra.  


Since working with the stones it became clear that they wanted to be used for healing, and more importantly their essence needed to be captured at significant times throughout our Celtic Year.


The first essence was co-created at Samhain (2018) with the Chumpi Snake stone.  Since then a further 5 Chumpi essences have been co-created - Jaguar, Hummingbird, Inti, Condor & Mama Killa.  For more information about the essences please have a look at the individual items on the Shop page.

Available as 30ml Dosage & Stock.  Order by visiting the SHOP page.....



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  • Stock Bottles 30ml - £15

  • Aura Sprays 100ml - £18.00

  • Combination Bottles 30ml - £15

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